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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held every school year, on Monday and Tuesday of the week of Thanksgiving. Parent-Teacher Conferences are not mandatory; however, we encourage all parents/guardians to reach out and connect with their student's teachers if their student is struggling or they have any questions or concerns!

Parent-Teacher conferences at the high school level are scheduled differently than in elementary and middle school. Instead of choosing 1 time slot and having all of the student's teachers available at that time, parents/guardians schedule separate, 20-minute time slots for each teacher. 

Prior to signing up for conference time(s), it is recommended that parents/guardians make a list of which teachers they would like a conference with after checking their student's grades in ParentVUE/Canvas and talking with their student about how they feel they are doing in their classes. 

Conferences are scheduled via ParentVUE (the same system used for registration each school year). The ParentVUE app does not currently support conference scheduling - parents/guardians will need to log on through the ParentVUE website.

If you were not the registering parent/guardian and do not currently have access to ParentVUE, call Student Services at (541)842-3690 to request an activation key. Activating your ParentVUE account gives you access to your student's progress report grades, final grades, daily/period attendance, view your student's schedule, connect with your student's teacher's via email, and review your student's course requests in the spring.  

Click here to be taken to the Medford School District's webpage with enrollment instructions, which includes instructions on how to get started with ParentVUE. 

When the scheduling window has opened, follow the below steps to schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences: 

Step One: Click here for ParentVUE Login and log in.

Step Two:  Once you are logged onto ParentVUE, conference availability can be accessed by selecting "Conference", located on the left side of the screen, then "Parent Scheduled Conferences", located on the upper right side. Conference times will only be visible after the sign-up window has opened. 

Conference Schedules


 If you need assistance signing up for a conference, please contact Student Services during business hours by calling 541-842-3690 or emailing