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2024-2025 Course Selection Guide


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Selecting Classes for Next Year

During the forecasting season (February-April) students request courses for the upcoming school year. Students and parents are urged to consider future goals, Pathway selection, previous grades, attendance habits and study habits when selecting classes.

First choices are not always possible. There are years that we are not able to offer classes for a variety of reasons. Often, changes cannot be made once classes are full. When making course selections for the upcoming school year, students need to commit to taking the courses they request. Placement in certain required courses will be determined by instructor recommendation, test scores, writing samples and/or published criteria. Students are encouraged to discuss course selections with parents/guardians, instructors and school counselors.

Eligibility for Activities, Athletics, & Awards

In order to meet Division 22 Standards, 9th and 10th graders must be enrolled in seven classes. On-track-11th graders may be enrolled in 6 classes.  12th graders are expected to be enrolled in at least five in-person classes if they are participating in athletics and activities, and four in-person classes if they are otherwise on track to graduate.  Some exceptions may be made for seniors. Students passing fewer than four graded classes may not be eligible for some school activities or awards. Students must be enrolled in at least five in-person classes and doing passing work in all of them to be eligible to compete in OSAA sanctioned extra-curricular activities.

Academically Ineligible:

Any student whose previous grading period did not pass 5 classes equal to 2.5 credits will be deemed academically ineligible. Any student that is considered “not on track” to graduate will be ineligible. Any student who has an F during the quarter progress report grading period will be declared on academic probation. Students will have the opportunity to attend tutoring in an effort to bring their grades back up. Once a student-athlete no longer has a failing grade in all classes, he/she will be declared eligible again.

Early Graduation

The administration and staff of South Medford High School believe that a four-year school program is desirable and beneficial for most students. Medford High Schools will permit students to graduate after the completion of course requirements.

Students requesting early graduation should plan well in advance. The request will only be considered in the spring of their 10th grade school year.

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) may require early graduates to meet graduation requirements based on the year in which the student first enrolled in 9th grade. 

Panther Future Center

The Panther Future Center implements comprehensive guidance to all students in the realm of college and career readiness planning. We provide support for all post-secondary options, including college, certificate programs, apprenticeship opportunities, the military, and direct-entry workforce. Students can participate in mentorship programs such as Trio and Aspire, join MPACT-the MSD Pre-Apprenticeship program, receive assistance with college selection, applications, and scholarships, and be connected with military and industry partners to explore those options. 

The Scholarship Director seeks, announces and posts scholarship opportunities for all grade levels with a focus on seniors. Services include working with individuals, families and groups of students in applying for and financing a post high school education.

-Contact Stacy Carle at 541-842-1417.

The ASPIRE Coordinator seeks and trains local community mentors to work one-on-one with students, helping them with various activities such as academic preparation, scholarship search and application, career exploration, college choice and college applications.

-Contact Stacy Carle at 541-842-1417.

The TRiO Coordinator supports and motivates low-income, first-generation college students for success in high school while also preparing for college. TRiO ETS participants receive college, career, and financial aid information, academic advising, and educational field trips in preparation for their next step after high school and to achieve their dream of attending college.

-Contact Angel Garcia at 541-842-5363.

The MPACT Coordinator partners with the MSD MPACT Pre-Apprenticeship program to prepare students for careers in the construction trades, such as electrical, plumbing, residential/commercial construction, and heating/air conditioning. MPACT is designed to help students build the necessary skills to meet the entry qualifications needed to enter an apprenticeship program or the workforce.

-Contact Stacy Carle at 541-842-1417.