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Graduate Distinctions

Honors Diploma

The Medford Honors Diploma is available to those students who are seeking to challenge themselves academically. This program will prepare students for their post-secondary education by providing rigorous coursework along with the opportunity to earn college credit. Requirements must be met by the end of 3rd quarter of graduation year. 

To earn the diploma, a student must earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher and earn nine or more credits in courses identified as Advanced Placement, Honors or in other courses where evidence of academic rigor exists. The student must also meet the district guidelines for graduation, including the required 24 credits.

Students who have achieved an academic 3.5 or higher accumulative grade point average during high school will also wear gold satin stoles. South Medford High School provides the stoles for use by honored students during the ceremony. Stoles must be turned in immediately upon completion of the ceremony. Therefore, please take photographs of your honored student prior to the ceremony. 


Students in the top 5% will wear a gold tassel to designate their special academic standing. Purple tassels are worn by students who have met minimum proficiencies on state tests in math, science, reading, and writing as well as completing all work samples. 


Each Valedictorian will wear a Valedictorian Medal.  Valedictorians have maintained a 4.0 GPA throught high school.  First in Class will be designated with a gold medal, Second in Class will be designated with a silver medal, and all other Valedictorians will be designated with a bronze medal.

Honor Cords

Gold – Honors Diploma

Black and Red – SOU Honors

Royal Blue and Green – RCC Honors

Light Blue – Biliteracy Seal