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Mental Health Therapists (Family Solutions)

Need Help? We are here for you!  

Uncertain times can create feelings that may be overwhelming or unmanageable. Family Solutions is here to help our community and students navigate these turbulent times! We strive to empower participants by guiding them through the process of identifying and implementing solutions to their problems using their inner strengths. Some common concerns therapists can address are self-esteem, feelings of distress, anger, grief, confusion, anxiety, sadness, overwhelm, and depression.

We have highly educated and qualified school-based mental health therapists and support services for all students and their families in Medford middle and high schools at no cost to the student or family! Family Solutions is here year-round and we would be happy to continue to work with you! Mental health therapy is a healthy way to cope with stress and may lead to a more successful and happy life!

Our team collaborates with school staff and community service providers to meet students’ individualized social-emotional wellness needs. Therapists are traditionally located on-site in Medford schools. During physical distancing, additional therapy options are available.

About our services:
  • Individual and Group Counseling available
  • Services are free
  • Sessions generally occur for 2-3 months
Who is this service for? 
  • Services are available to all South Medford High School students who do not currently have an outside therapist and want support.
What is therapy like?
  • Students choose a goal to work towards with your therapist to process experiences, learn how to cope, and build confidence. 
How do I get started?
  • Self-referral slips are available in the front office. Students may stop by anytime outside of class to fill out a self-referral slip. Slips are then put in a box by the student, pending collection from one of our therapists. Our therapists check the referral box routinely throughout the day (before school, after school, and in between sessions with other students) and a hall pass will be sent to the student's class when the therapist is available to connect. Many times, students are able to be seen that day (provided the request is submitted early enough in the day and the student is in class to receive their hall pass).

Mental Health Therapists

Erik Morrison

(Erik Morrison is currently on leave)

Erik Morrison, MS, QMHP, LPC-I (R6096) holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Erik is driven by a passion for helping others, a passion reflected in his 12 years of experience helping others improve the quality of their health and their lives, first as a representative of a major health insurance company helping people navigate the complex world of healthcare benefits and claims, and, since 2016, as a Family Solutions school-based therapist.  As a graduate intern with Family Solutions placed at South Medford High School, Erik built meaningful, collaborative relationships with students, staff, and administration alike.  When an opportunity arose in 2017 for Erik to return to South Medford High School as a full-time school-based therapist, Erik didn’t hesitate.  As a member of the South Medford team, Erik provides vital ongoing and crisis counseling supports to students and has worked directly and collaboratively with South Medford administration to implement and streamline the delivery of virtual counseling services to students.  Erik has experience working with youth from ages 7 to 18, but particularly enjoys helping the students of South Medford High School develop the skills to lead happy meaningful lives. 

Office Phone: (541) 842-1451

Google Voice: (541) 581-0189



Grace Pettygrove

Grace Pettygrove, BA, QMHP Intern, is a graduate intern in her final year working towards her Masters of Social Work (MSW) through an online program with Humboldt State University. She believes in a strengths-based, trauma-informed approach that views students as experts in their own experiences. Grace’s background is in grassroots community organizing and working with families impacted by domestic and sexual violence. She was thrilled to join Family Solutions full-time at South Medford High School in the fall of 2021 to deepen her mental health practice with a focus on youth and families.

Office Phone: (541) 842-1522